What are EUREKATOURISM+ and Turistec?

EUREKATOURISM+ is the Tourism Umbrella of Eureka

The EUREKATOURISM+ Umbrella has the objective of increasing the competitiveness of tourism industry via the generation of industrially relevant research, technological development and innovation (RTDI) projects oriented to the sustainable development and improvement of tourism, leisure and cultural sectors, through technological innovation.
Oriented to public and private entities, the EUREKATOURISM+ is also a European network for technological innovation agents in travel & tourism sector.
Its added value, for the national governments involved, is to promote Europe as a: Sustainable, Responsible and Accessible destination.
For European industry/research organizations , EUREKATOURISM+ can foster: industrial RTDI for tourism, European travel interoperability and mobility issues.

  • Turistec, as Chair and Secretariat of EUREKATOURISM+, organizes the 2nd Brokerage event


Turistec is the first industrial cluster in the Balearic Islands and is also the first cluster on travel & tourism and ICT in Spain. It was founded in February 2008 with the objective of devoting to the promotion and development of ICT solutions for the travel & tourism industry.
Turistec is a cluster of companies and institutions dedicated to the production and implementation of technological solutions for the Tourism Industry. Since October 29th, 2013, Turistec is in charge of the Chair and Secretariat of EUREKATOURISM+, the tourism Umbrella and the strategic initiative specialized in tourism technology within the Eureka network:

  • http://www.eurekatourismplus.eu/
  • Our client portfolio includes industry leaders in hotels, air transport, leisure & culture, travel agencies, etc., the whole travel & tourism value chain. Nowadays, over 50 companies and institutions are Turistec associates

The mission of our company is to:

  • increase the competitiveness of the ICT Tourism product by stimulating innovation
  • promote and strengthen the ICT sector by giving shape to a more specialized, innovative product, which entails competitive advantages for both, companies and their customers, as well as a larger and sustainable economic development for the communit
  • become an international benchmark within ICT-Tourism sector, leading and supervising its development


Turistec as a cluster is capable of innovating and creating talent to transform the expertise of the tourism industry into an essential product for every tourism company all over the world. In Turistec, we aim to become a world leader community of companies, initiatives and professionals within the ICT for Travel and Tourism industry; making of the ICT product an International Benchmark, counting on the support of highly qualified professionals, joined forces and focusing on the final client.


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