Workshop meetings

10 Nov 2016

Workshop meetings

  1. Funding opportunities (moderated by Elena Villa, CEO of Turistec)

EMPRENDETUR Programme. Carlos Romero, Director of Tourism Research, Development & Innovation at SEGITTUR.

Funding opportunities for SMEs in Eureka, Raúl García Esparza, Technical Engineer of CDTI

“WATIFY: Stimulating Digital Transformation of European Industry”Antonio Collado, Regional Director, Innovalia Association.

Time for discussion

       2. Big Data & IOT (by Carlos Juiz, VP of Turistec for EUREKATOURISM+)

Pedro Trujillano, Big Data Business Development Manager of Oracle

Enrique Bertrand López de Roda, Technical Director of Software AG Spain

3. Talent and Added Value (by Carlos Juiz, VP of Turistec for EUREKATOURISM+)

Jaume Monserrat, President of Turistec and Chairman of EUREKATOURISM+

Alejandro Forcades, CEO of SM2 Baleares

Cristina Aranda, CMO at Intelygenz & Cofounder MujeresTech

Time for discussion